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What We Do


We provide an array of solutions, such as software development, infrastructure facilities, data analytics, IoT solutions and creation of digital workplace. Our solutions are designed to help organizations create a smooth integration within departments so that daily operations can run efficiently and desired goals can be achieved.

IT Management Services

Having the widest portfolio of cloud and azure managed service offerings, we simplify and streamline your processes. Our set of standard processes, tools, ... and automation help reduce cost, improve reliability, productivity, and ensure compliance across your enterprise. So, now you can completely focus on strategic business initiatives and leave the day-to-day management to us.

Build Solutions for Digital Workplace

Businesses usually encompass several departments that consist of many channels of communication. Departments that work in silos can sometimes create a gap in communication disrupting the smooth flow of information. It is important to have an efficient workplace infrastructure.... We provide digital workplace solutions that empower the workforce with a collaborative and secure work environment, across locations & devices, which optimizes operational productivity. Our solutions are designed to align the organization’s adopted technology with employees and business processes to achieve high organizational efficiency. With this, organizations are able to procure increased digital connectivity, effective collaboration of skills and capabilities, higher operational productivity and enhanced customer experience.

Build Software Infrastructure Facilities

Our programs are designed in such a manner that it helps organizations to perform even basic tasks, such as day-to-day business transactions (database programs, internal & external communication and security applications) and run internal processes smoothly. ... We can construct a modern software infrastructure by leveraging cloud computing to bring business agility and cost-efficiency in your operations. Our software infrastructures are designed to integrate with existing software, which eliminates the need to install new supporting software. As per the client’s requirement, we can configure processes and include the feature of automation for making the user’s work easier.

Provide Software Solutions

As an IT service provider, we provide both commercial and custom made software solutions. We involve our mechanisms and engineering principles in the software development lifecycle from the inception to the final product. We conceive, specify, design, programmed, document, test and perform debugging procedures, thereby delivering robust software. ... To develop software, we deploy varied programming languages, such as Azure, .NET, Mobile, PHP, JavaScript, Java and Python. Our customized software solutions can help enterprises achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our solutions can enable enterprises to identify new revenue streams in their operational processes, automize business plans and meet new business demands at digital speed.

Provide Analytical Solutions

Data is the lifeline of any business. It offers opportunities for organizational growth. But today the increasing volume and variety of data has posed as a challenge for organizations to manage it.... At Inzet Infotech LLP, we provide data analytic solutions so that it facilitates companies to respond to customer requirements in real time and adapt to changing market demands. We help to collect, analyze and manage data that will be beneficial for the success of the organization. Our analytical solutions also help organizations to take proactive decisions to meet overall market demands. We deliver the right solutions to drive intelligent business strategies, manage and analyze big data and develop actionable insights for improving customer engagement, business performance and smart automation.

Provide IoT Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT) as the name suggests is the integration of internet connectivity into multiple physical devices and objects that enable smooth access to data within the organization. Through IoT, organizations can have better internal automation and control over the flow of information within varied departments.... At Inzet Infotech LLP, we provide IoT solutions to organizations to augment data management. Our solutions lead to better machine-to-machine communication, which enhances data transparency. By providing the right solutions, companies can enhance: New revenue streams Better asset management Smart monitoring and intelligent process automation Efficient internet connectivity including scale of work Analysis of new data Integration of business processes Better organizational decision making Better deployment of IoT processes with existing software infrastructure

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