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Application Development

We expertly address a gamut of software concerns – system & software architecture, user experience, quality assurance, continuous integration and deployment, security and application monitoring.

Software Development

With the help of the concept of Minimum Viable product (MVP), we develop software that can help organizations gauge customer interests of the product well before the complete development of the product. ... This helps organizations to take proactive measures to gain the required customer appeal. Through Agile and DevOps software development systems, we can transform existing applications to modernized versions. This helps to create better collaboration and organization of various tasks within departments. We ensure continuous and effective integration of development and operations team to delivery the required application for smooth business operations.

UX & UI Design & Development

Through UX and UI design and development system, we design user interfaces for various electronic devices that will enhance user experiences of a product across software interfaces.... We enable organizations to enhance the usability and accessibility of their product. Graphic designs and typography are among the important tools we deploy that influence the usability and aesthetic appeal of the product. This ensures an interactive user experience and makes user interaction as simple as possible. We ensure that organizations can generate efficient and productive outcomes and facilitate user interactions. We provide digital workplace solutions that empower the workforce with a collaborative and secure work environment, across locations & devices, which optimizes operational productivity. Our solutions are designed to align the organization’s adopted technology with employees and business processes to achieve high organizational efficiency. With this, organizations are able to procure increased digital connectivity, effective collaboration of skills and capabilities, higher operational productivity and enhanced customer experience.

Software Quality & Testing

Our software quality & testing mechanisms enable a detail check whether expected technical results have been achieved and whether software systems are defect-free. With the help of manual or automated tools, ... we identify, verify and validate software errors and gaps in the existing software. We also verify whether software systems enable good user experiences through continuous and automated quality testing. With our expertise, we bring efficiency in investigating and evaluating the quality of a client’s software to avoid any performance issue. Our software testing mainly include: unit testing, integration testing, system testing and acceptance testing among others.

Services to Manage DevOps

With DevOps software development system, we deploy an effective integration of software development and technological operation processes that aligns with a business’ strategic goals. As software service providers, ... we also provide service of Managed Service Providers (MSP) to manage your DevOps system with DevOps toolchain and automation for continuous software delivery. Managed DevOps assists organizations to deliver applications at a comparatively faster rate.

Mobile Apps

We construct native, hybrid or web responsive mobile apps through various hosts of technologies, such as Azure, PHP, etc., which contains enhanced user experience, software interface and aesthetic appeal.

Intelligent Apps

Intelligent apps are the next generation apps. At Inzet Infotech LLP, we leverage Machine learning & Cognitive AI (Artificial Intelligence) to develop smart applications ... that drive interactions, automation, & analytics to have better user interactions where information is proactively available to the user based on the type of data the user seeks. These integrated systems will help continuous adaptation of data to deliver improved service.

Intelligent AppsCustom Software Solutions

We provide custom made software solutions for all business sizes. This helps the clients to gain competitive advantage through optimized and integrated end-to-end business processes. ... Our customized software solutions enables enterprises to monitor internal and external information and achieve operational scalability. Through automation in systems, enterprises can speedily meet market demand and maintain competitive edge.

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