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Cloud Program

Our Infrastructure, Software & DevOps Cloud transformation delivery programs focus on helping customers transform software development, deployment and delivery, leveraging the cloud for agility and rapid delivery of business value. We cater through cloud for infrastructure services , digital workspaces, micro-services, containers, and event-driven architectures including access to advanced capabilities for AI, machine learning, analytics and more.

Build Cloud Infrastructure Facilities

Our programs are designed in such a manner that it helps organizations to perform even basic tasks, such as day-to-day business transactions (database programs, internal & external communication and security applications) and run internal processes smoothly. ... We can construct a modern software infrastructure by leveraging cloud computing to bring business agility and cost-efficiency in your operations. Our software infrastructures are designed to integrate with existing software, which eliminates the need to install new supporting software. As per the client’s requirement, we can configure processes and include the feature of automation for making the user’s work easier.

Build Solutions for Digital Workplace

Businesses usually encompass several departments that consist of many channels of communication. Departments that work in silos can sometimes create a gap in communication disrupting the smooth flow of information. It is important to have an efficient workplace infrastructure.... We provide digital workplace solutions that empower the workforce with a collaborative and secure work environment, across locations & devices, which optimizes operational productivity. Our solutions are designed to align the organization’s adopted technology with employees and business processes to achieve high organizational efficiency. With this, organizations are able to procure increased digital connectivity, effective collaboration of skills and capabilities, higher operational productivity and enhanced customer experience.

Cloud App Development

We help to construct, test, deploy and manage various cloud applications. These services include SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, through which modern mobile or desktop applications can be developed – ... enabling companies to meet their business challenges. The Cloud service also supports many programming language tools and framework, which not only supports Microsoft enabled systems but also third-party enabled systems.

Migration of app to Cloud

To re-host software applications on Cloud IaaS and shift databases to various platform Database services as part of a data center lift-and-shift migration initiative; we assist in upgrading and migrating the application entirely on PaaS for improved agility and cost savings.... These services are designed to protect the overall integrity of your critical assets 24/7. Migrating existing applications to Cloud helps to strengthen security measures and meet compliance requirements for better application monitoring.

App Modernization

We re-factor and re-engineer software applications to drive the full benefit of cloud computing for micro-services, containers, and event-driven architectures including access to advanced capabilities of artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics and more.

Cloud DevOps

For faster application delivery, Cloud DevOps helps organizations to gain more agility for better operational efficiency. We provide services for end-to-end software delivery with Azure and AWS, including continuous development and managed services for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Ops. ... From virtual machines to web apps, DevOps on Azure allows to create a reliable computing code for monitoring a seamless DevOps system.

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